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Brief2Build has been created by a team of highly passionate people with an embedded background within the live events world to fulfill one purpose: Create the world’s #1 live event platform to ignite, improve and innovate the world of events.

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The world as we know it is forever changing and it is our mission to listen to our audience within the live events industry which has been in desperate need of change for many years. We listened, leading us to the creation of Brief2Build.

The 20th century days of the 4P’s and marketing mix has long been left behind and today’s influencers are that of emotional intelligence, placing a high importance on time, energy and cost saving. What was once ‘Price’ driven, turned into ‘Cost’, has now become ‘Value’.

Brief2Build’s complete understanding and appreciation for the modern day business is the philosophy the company is built on. We understand the need to differentiate from your competitor, the need to push your USP above other offerings and the need to place a focus on achieving business goals as part of the day-day strategy.

Having years of experience working in the industry across both avenues within a supplier and exhibitor capacity, it has allowed us to understand both sides and drill down into what needs improving and how to innovate the industry. We have created a global platform that aims to take away the negative elements of the live events industry and instead places the onus on creating meaningful partnerships between supplier and exhibitor.

Exhibitors can become part of Brief2Build having access to a pool of resources such as supplier profiles, exhibiting hints & tips, venue exhibition calendar, industry news and much more to help them improve their event and make informed decisions.

Suppliers are the back bone of the industry, the teams working around the clock to ensure their clients are ready for opening day. Everyone at Brief2Build has worked a ‘ghoster*’, walked Las Ramblas as MWC approaches, experienced the Dubai heat in the halls without Air Con and ate too much schnitzel working in Germany as we understand it is part and parcel of working in the best industry in the world. We pride ourselves on being able to offer suppliers a forum in which they can present their commercial offering whilst also having visibility over upcoming new business opportunities all within a place that has been created for them, tailored to them, working for them.

*Ghoster refers to working over 24 hours non stop through the night to ensure the project gets finished on time.


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