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How Brief2Build Works

For Suppliers

Post your business profile

Search active briefs whilst registering your interest with tendering exhibitors

Qualify, create and submit your proposal for approval

For Exhibitors

Post your project listing

Review suppliers using tailored filters whilst receiving interest from active vendors

Shortlist, review and approve the winning proposal

The Benefits We Offer



To the Supplier

The #1 online exhibition hub to promote your business within a GDPR compliant global marketplace

Increase your audience with global visibility of your brand from exhibitors across the world

Identify, highlight & target RFP's in-line with business strategy

Register your interest with exhibitors maximizing introductory impact

Tailor sales forecasts and streamline production via yearly project oversight

Reduce your 'cost of lead' & 'cost of sale' by over 80%

Promote business growth by highlighting your specialty and USP within the industry

Multiple profile options provide a solution for all businesses. Put yourself amongst the best, biggest, and brightest in our industry


To the Exhibitor

The #1 online exhibition hub to connect with the industry within a GDPR compliant global marketplace

Upload your brief, RFP and tender to the online site and let suppliers register their interest, prove their suitability and then you can choose who to shortlist and invite to offer a creative response

Review suppliers based upon tailored filters to suit your individual requirements

Save time and reduce workload by having suppliers come to you

Save in procurement and vetting utilising genuine customer feedback reviews

Maximize your marketing efforts by focusing on live show activity, don’t be distracted by unsolicited businesses pre event

Adjust your profile activity to indicate when suppliers can contact you

Creating Partnerships

Welcome to Brief2Build, the #1 go-to hub for live event exhibitors and industry suppliers. We’re bringing the whole industry together as an online platform to innovate the current trade-show procurement process for exhibitors and suppliers alike. We have created a global platform in which we can inspire partnerships between businesses whilst saving costs, energy and time on both sides.

If you’re an exhibitor or looking to exhibit for the first time, Brief2Build provides a wealth of information from a diverse range of suppliers allowing you to discover what the industry has to offer. You can search, review and digest in your own time and at your own pace, allowing you total control over your event.

If you’re a supplier looking to advertise your business with the #1 online site specifically tailored for Live Events, Brief2Build is here for you. We are here to support your business marketing inline with your strategy whilst also providing you visibility of tendering exhibitors.

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