Being a supplier in the most exciting industry in the world is a real thrill, but can be a challenging one at the best of times. Brief2Build has been created to support suppliers and assist businesses promote themselves ensuring strong business growth.

As an active Supplier you will have the chance of your business profile being viewed by thousands of exhibitors who are looking for their next live event partner. You will also be able to register your interest and take part in a range of active RFP’s listed on the site.

Your profile allows you to upload a whole host of company details to show the world your USP! You can even receive online feedback and client ratings to bolster your profile adding a level of reassurance to perusing exhibitors.

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How Brief2Build Works for Suppliers


Post your company profile

Register with Brief 2 Build and choose from a range of profile options to market your company effectively on the #1 online exhibition network.

Registration is free with tailored upgrades available to suit any marketing budget and you can soon be advertising your business across a global exhibitor audience.


Search active briefs whilst registering your interest with tendering exhibitors

Once you have an active profile you are then able to search, review and register interest for live tendering projects with exhibitors.

You will be able to apply a range of specifically tailored filters allowing you to choose and highlight work which suits your business strategy.

With having an active profile, you will also be searched and reviewed 24/7 by exhibitors who are actively looking and in the market for a new live event partner.


Qualify, create and submit your proposal for approval

Having identified your target market, you are able to qualify briefs that work for you, contact exhibitors directly and be invited to submit your proposal for client approval.

Brief 2 Build exists to support you in highlighting new business opportunities and maximising your company’s offering visibility.


Features Overview for Suppliers


If you are involved with the day to day running of live event planning, constructing and installing within the industry, Brief2Build is here for you.

We are the #1 online exhibition platform to connect the industry together within a GDPR compliant global marketplace. Once your registered interest in an exhibitor or specific RFP has been approved you will be able to view detailed project specifics allowing you to offer your creative response.

Increase your audience with global visibility of your brand from exhibitors across the world.

Within live events calendar peaks & troughs do exist, this is why our customisable filter search options allow you to Identify, highlight & target RFP’s in-line with business strategy. You can focus on perhaps ‘quieter’ months or simply look to establish increased visibility on more projects at certain shows.

Register your interest with exhibitors maximizing introductory impact. The ability of registering your interest will not only provide a sense of aiding your sales forecasting but also show the exhibitor you are a contender to be considered for the project.

Tailor sales forecasts and streamline production via yearly project oversight.

Reduce your ‘cost of lead’ & ‘cost of sale’ by over 80%. Brief2Build is a global online platform advertising your business 24/7 allowing you to be viewed by anyone at anytime. Don’t use up valuable shoe leather hitting show floors when you can focus on the #1 online platform that works for you.

The Live Events industry continues to grow year on year and remains one of the strongest sectors within the UK with more and more businesses entering into the sector each year. Your profile offers you the chance of promoting business growth by highlighting your specialty and USP within the industry to stand out from the crowd.

Multiple profile options provide a solution for all businesses. Put yourself amongst the best, biggest, and brightest in our industry.


Features and benefits

Promote your profile to the world's leading exhibitors.

Search and review live event RFP's based upon your exact requirements.

Be a part of the newest industry trend with a true focus on improving the live events sector aiding suppliers across the globe.

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